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Invacare TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM)

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 Invacare TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM)

The Invacare TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM) makes it easy to monitor peak expiratory flow rates at home. The small size and shape enhance portability and ease of use. The unique logarithmic scale allows the Invacare TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM) to be used in low flow rate conditions (pediatrics) or for standard flow rates. And through the use of Color Zone decals, each TruZone PFM can be customized easily for colorzone management of asthma as recommended by the NAEPP (National Asthma Education and Prevention Program). Each TruZone PFM is packaged with four Color Zone tapes and a daily record and Oxygen Revive has the best deal for you, so get your Invacare TruZone Peak Flow Meter (PFM) today.


  • Small size makes it easy to use or transport. Clear body for easy reading of flow rate
  • Internal indicator is protected from accidental mishandling. Accurate measure of PEFR in low flows (pediatrics) & standard flows (adults)
  • Simple cleanup with soap and water
  • Color Zone decals easily customize the TruZone PFM for color-zone management of asthma-no calculations required
  • Meets the current American Thoracic Society waveform 26 standards


    Dimensions: 17.4cm (L) x 3.2cm (H) x 3.2cm (W)
    Product Weight: 33.1 g
    Quantity: 10 Units Per Case
    Range: 60-800 LPM
    Warranty: 1 Year

    MPN / Model: IRC1198