Invacare HomeFill Patient Convenience Pack - Oxygen Revive

Invacare HomeFill Patient Convenience Pack

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 Invacare HomeFill Patient Convenience Pack


The available Patient Convenience Pack for the Invacare HomeFill System uses the latest integrated pneumatic conserving technology while remaining lightweight. This cylinder combines all the patient independence and provider cost savings realized with the HomeFill delivery model plus carefree convenience and simplicity. 



Overall Height: 11"
Diameter: 4.38"
Product Weight: 3.5 lb.
Continuous Flow: 2 LPM
Capacity: 170 L
Oxygen: Duration @ 2 LPM Flow: 75 min.
Cylinder Filling Times: 75 min.
Warranty: 3 Years (Conserver)

Part / Model: HF2PCL6KIT