Invacare HomeFill Integrated Conserver Cylinder - Oxygen Revive

Invacare HomeFill Integrated Conserver Cylinder

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 Invacare HomeFill Integrated Conserver Cylinder


Invacare offers a wide variety of Invacare HomeFill Cylinders to fit your client's lifestyle and daily oxygen needs. These cylinders range in size from as small as a water bottle to large enough to last almost 16 hours*.

Now HomeFill cylinders are also available with CGA870 compatible post valves and integrated conservers. With a full line of cylinders, the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System meets the needs of most oxygen patients.

*Duration Varies Depending on the User's Oxygen Needs.



Overall Height: 11"
Diameter: 4.38"
Product Weight: 3.5 lb.
Continuous Flow: 2 LPM
Capacity: 170 L
Oxygen: Duration @ 2 LPM flow: 75 min.
Cylinder Filling Times: 75 min.

Model / MPN #: HF2PCL6