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Invacare Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver

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Invacare Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver


Invacare Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver Description:


The Invacare Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver are intended for prescription use only, to be used as part of a portable oxygen delivery system for patients that require supplemental oxygen in their home and for ambulatory use. The Invacare Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver is designed to be used with high pressure oxygen systems. It consists of a cylinder connection, cylinder contents gauge (if equipped), high to low pressure regulator, orifice plate and a conserving demand module. The regulator reduces the high pressure of the cylinder to the working pressure of the orifice plate.

The orifice plate uses calibrated orifices to deliver a selected flow to the conserving demand module. The conserving demand module controls the pulse size and timing to the patient. It supplies a pulse of oxygen at the beginning of each breath. This reduces the oxygen demand on the system and limits the drying of the airways. The flow is determined by setting the flow control knob to the prescribed flow, and the oxygen is supplied to the patient though the cannula.


Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver Benefits:


  • Compact design
  • CGA870 compatible
  • No batteries required. Single selector knob controls ON/OFF, liter flow and continuous flow mode
  • Senses a breath and delivers an oxygen bolus in first third of the inspiratory cycle
  • Delivers consistent volume of oxygen with each breath - up to 40 breaths per minute


    Element Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver Specifications:



      5" (L) x 2.5" (H) x 2.5" (W)

    Product Weight:

      14.8 oz.


      2 LPM
      Savings Ratio: 3.5:1
      Cannula: Single Lumen
      Operating Altitude: 0-10,000 ft.

    Continuous Flow:

      2 LPM +/-0.5

    Operating Pressure:

      200-3,000 PSI


      Built-in 25+/-5 PSI

    Operating Temperature Range:



      2 Years

    Model / MPN #: IOC100P