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CPAP Tube Cover - Zipper

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CPAP Tube Cover - Zipper

The CPAP Tube Cover - Zipper is a cover designed to help improve your CPAP performance by reducing sound and by mazimizing heat retention.  Not only does the CPAP Tube Cover - Zipper improve the performance, but it brings comfort within your bedding.  This cover was made with high quality material to help eliminate rainout.  Oxygen Revive offers the best prices on the market guaranteed, so get your CPAP Tube Cover - Zipper today.



• CPAP tube cover with micro-fiber filling maximizes heat retention along the air tube,enhancing patient comfort and reducing the effects of rainout.

• Soft and smooth, the tubing cover slides easily across the bedding, reducing drag and noise and improving the overall therapy experience.

• Zippered tube cover, this black 6 foot zippered tube cover is designed to help eliminate rainout in your CPAP tube and also provide a more comfortable and smooth surface to your CPAP tube.



MPN: 54534
Size 6 Foot
Qty: 1 pack of 1