Rental FAQ

Rental FAQ


Can I extend my reservation dates?

Yes, if the availability permits.  Please contact us to check availability. (rates remain the same)

I want my rental to begin on a weekend or holiday, will I get it before then?

Yes. For example, if your reservation date begins on a Sunday you will most likely receive your rental on a Thursday / Friday prior your reservation date.

How do I know if the rental is available? 

You will not be able to click on the dates right below the "Add to Cart" button.  (It will be grayed out)

What does your shipping charges include?

You pay for shipping to your location.  Then once your rental period has expired, the rentals include a prepaid shipping label that is to be placed on the shipping bin. Then you just drop it off at your nearest FedEx shipping location, its that simple. (Rentals Only)

I do not need it for full rental term, will I be charged the full term if I send it back early?

At this time we only offer credit to be used on our website or further rentals.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, but only to certain countries.  Please contact us for further information.

Does Oxygen Revive offer overnight rental service?

Yes, Just add the expedited shipping option  to your cart for the additional overnight charges.  Its recommended to check for availability by contacting us.

Will I be able to travel with this on an airline?

Yes, all of our rentals are FAA approved for airline / cruise travel. Please click below to see what is needed from your airline / cruise before traveling

Travel Policies & Procedures

My Rental arrived early, will I be charged extra?

No. We ship it early so that your rental arrives to your location with 1-3 days early of your requested reservation date.  We do that in case there is some cause of delay in shipping.  No additional charges apply.

What happens if the rental suddenly stops working?

Answer: We have a "Emergency Rental" on standby ready to ship.  You just have to place the prepaid barcode (included) on the shipping container and send it. In the meanwhile we will overnight our back-up "Emergency Rental" to you.

Do you require a prescription to rent?

Currently Oxygen Revive is in the process of becoming Medicaid / Medicare accredited.  We do not require a copy of your prescription.  However you must have a prescription in hand by a healthcare professional so that you know the functions of the rental are set to the proper settings your health professional requires.  Due to the fact that Oxygen Revive does not require a copy of your prescription, does not give permission of misuse nor dismissal of the requirements of a prescription.